Kristi Kafka

Nationally Certified School Psychologist



Study Skills

Strategies to Improve Test Scores

  1. Take good notes – write down what the teacher says or puts on the board
  2. Review notes often (daily or at least 3 times a week)
  3. Use the SQ3R method when reading
    1. Scan the chapter
    2. Question – write down questions you think the bold headings will answer
    3. Read – the chapter
    4. Recite – after each paragraph recite what you read in your own words
    5. Review – go over the questions you wrote down and answer them
  4. Use time wisely.  Set aside time each day to study/review/read. (Reading improves vocabulary.)
  5. Start reviewing for a test 1 week early
  6. Practice good test taking strategies
    1. Memory dump – write down everything you think you need to know (but might forget) somewhere on the test and refer to it as you answer questions
    1. Read directions/questions carefully (look for words like compare, always, never, first, last, except…)
    1. Pace yourself – watch the time and don’t spend too much time on a question
    2. Answer all questions - every point counts and you might get a few points for an answer
    1. Try not to change your answers.  Your first answer is usually right.  Only change an answer if you are absolutely sure.
    1. Use all of the time the teacher allows.  Review questions and add information to essay questions if you remembered something else.
    2. Eliminate wrong answers on multiple choice questions to narrow down your answers
    3. Relax and breathe!  Slow down your breathing and you will be able to think clearer.  Some anxiety is good, but not too much.
    4. Pause before the test and think of a happy time or memory.  One study found that doing so increased test scores!



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